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Monthly Devotionals to inspire, encourage, and challenge you. 

Note:  Dear readers, these are so outdated as we had changed the format of our website over the years. I am looking into archiving these devotional for others to still have access to and will be creating our new blog section soon to share my thoughts with you all. Thank you for your patience.


July 2010 Devotional




June 2010 Devotional




May 2010 Devotional




April 2010 Devotional




March 2010 Devotional




February 2010 Devotional




January 2010 Devotional


Knowing God


December 2009 Devotional


What's in a Name?


November 2009 Devotional


Christ's Light


October 2009 Devotional


Patience Now


September 2009 Devotional


"Love Yourself"


August 2009 Devotional




July 2009 Devotional




June 2009 Devotional


Fear God Not Man!


May 2009 Devotional


Authentic Living


April 2009 Devotional


God's Timing


March 2009 Devotional




February 2009 Devotional


Love is...


January 2009 Devotion


White as Snow


December 2008 Devotional


Miracles Still Happen


November 2008 Devotional


Walk & Obey by Faith

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