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Top 8 Frequently Asked QuestionsPlease email me anytime if you need specific prayers! Helen@hosannahouse.caPlease email me anytime if you need specific prayers!

1) Is Helen CD Jamieson available for speaking engagements for our group/church?
Yes, she is available for any speaking discussion groups or conferences. Please contact her by email with the details and topic of choice to ensure her availability. You may email her at

2) Can I get my book signed by the author for any books that I pre-order?
Absolutely! Helen will be honored to do that for you! You may request your book(s) to be signed and to any specific name(s) you request. Please note that in your email order request.

3) Will I be able to order books online? 
Many book retailers carry our books. Please see this link for suggested sites.

4) Can I order Art Scripture or Trinity Tag Cards online? 
We are no longer accepting orders on Art Scripture or Cards. All designs on photo gallery are left online to inspire you. We are working on updating our new website to meet our community changing needs. Stay tune!

5) Does Helen speak more than one language? 

Yes, she is known to speak in three different languages all mixed in one sentence at times from English, Cantonese, and bit of Mandarin, French, Korean, Japanese, and even German mixed in. But really she is only fluent in English and Cantonese. Helen thinks she is funny and likes to be silly that way.

6) Where can I write to Helen CD Jamieson directly?
You may email Helen at:  She loves to hear from others and she will respond back as soon as she can if she is not either eating or sleeping.

7) Where can I find help or counselling?  

We are not professional counsellors so we definitely suggest you contact your local counselling services and/or Pastor at local church. We do welcome any prayer requests you may have and we will pray for you!

 8) Are there are Social Media Accounts for Helen CD Jamieson?

Yes, Please feel free to Follow and/or Subscribe to her accounts below and turn on Notifications Bell to ensure you see her posts. Click Links below.

Helen responds to all direct messages in her social platforms below if you comment on her posts, and direct message her. 

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Youtube Helen CD Jamieson

Instagram @helencdjamieson





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